Perennial Exterior
LED Lighting

Perennial: (adj)

  • lasting for a long or apparently infinite time;
  • enduring or continually recurring; regularly repeated or renewed;
  • present at all seasons of the year.

Do you remember when
you first bought your home?

How you dreamed of decorating for the holidays and entertaining on the regular (or at least occasionally)?

But life got busy...
And you got overwhelmed with all the things.

That dream – you know the one where the best parties were always at your place? Well, it started to fade. And now, you’re lucky to get that inflatable snowman set up in your front yard before Christmas Eve, let alone put up lights every year.

Well, prepare to reignite your romance with decorating your home for the holidays.

And every other occasion besides.

Consider this your meet-cute with VELLAMI lights.

If you’re new to the concept of exterior LED lighting, allow us to enlighten you.
Our VELLAMI lights will help you:

Bring out your creativity

Traditional holiday light bulbs are a single fixed color. You choose your color before you put them up. Whatever you choose, you’re stuck with ‘em until you take them down again.  

With VELLAMI lights, each LED bulb has infinite color possibilities and effects. Want a traditional look when Grandma comes to visit? VELLAMI’s got you covered. Want a gingerbread house look to light up your kids’ eyes? Got you covered.  

So when your father-in-law says, “The little lights aren’t twinkling”, you can press a button and impress the hell out of him. Or not. It’s your call. 😉  

VELLAMI will help you free your imagination and create your own unique display.  

Intimidated by the myriad of colors and options? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered there, too. There are loads of fabulous preset designs to choose from.  

Celebrate Life's Moments

Since they’re always ready to be switched on at a moment’s notice, your VELLAMI lights will go from Halloween, to Christmas, to Fourth of July at the touch of a button. Display your favorite team colors on Game Day, and your appreciation on Veteran’s Day. And imagine your daughter coming home and discovering your house lit up in her favorite color for her Birthday.  

Create a “touchdown” preset with a fireworks effect to let the neighbors know your team just scored. 

With VELLAMI lights, you can do all of this with the touch of a button. 

Stay safe out there

Say goodbye to climbing ladders and crawling on your roof (or biting your nails while your loved ones do it). TBH, this is the main reason we created VELLAMI lights – we love decorating for Christmas sooo much, but the threat of an accident was diminishing our enjoyment of the season. You feel us? 

Well, you’ve bitten your nails for the last time. Let us safely and professionally install VELLAMI lights for you, so you can get back to enjoying your family.  

These babies are designed to be virtually invisible when they’re off, so they’ll never have to be taken down and put up again. 

And our VELLAMI lights run on a 12-volt system, so sleep soundly knowing there’s no danger of electrical fire. 

Enjoy life VELLAMI-style - convenient and clutter-free

Gone are the days of hauling those lights out of storage, untangling wires, shivering on a ladder or the roof while hanging them, and then spending the holiday season hoping that a single bulb doesn’t fail and take out a whole string. And then reversing the entire process when it’s time to take them down again, schlepping them all back into your basement or attic.  

VELLAMI lights are a fixture on your home.  They’re virtually invisible from the curb when they’re off, so they never need to be taken down, and you get to reclaim that storage space for those heirlooms from Aunt Mabel. Now that’s something even the toughest HOA committee will appreciate. 

Operating them is cost-efficient and eco-friendly. LED lights use 1/10th to 1/20th of the energy that traditional holiday lights use.

They’re incredibly durable (the life span of LED bulbs is estimated to be ten times that of traditional incandescent bulbs).  

Perennial LEDs are an attractive feature to many potential buyers. (Consumer Reports state that energy efficiencies like LED lighting can boost your home’s value by up to 3%.) 

They enhance the look of your home, highlighting your landscaping, driveway, walkways, and other outdoor features and areas.

Make the neighbors jealous!

Yeah, we had to throw this one in there. Honestly, enjoy this while you can.
It’s only a matter of time before they’ll want them, too.

How’s THAT for romancing your home??

The VELLAMI Difference

We know you have options for exterior LED lighting.

Here’s how we’re different and why we’re better:


While competitors make you jump through hoops to find out the cost, at VELLAMI we’re proud of our pricing. We know our lights are worth every penny, so we’ll tell you right up front what it’ll cost to install them. No nonsense or uncomfortable negotiations, where you walk away feeling like you got fleeced. We make it simple, based on linear feet of lights, and we’ll tell you before you buy EXACTLY what’s included.  

Home ownership comes with a never-ending to-do list, and we’re not about to add to yours. By sharing our pricing right on our website, you get to skip the whole process of scheduling a measurement appointment, waiting for a proposal and then waiting for a bill. At VELLAMI, we share simple steps for measuring your home with your smart phone. You simply make your selection based on linear feet and Voila!

We’re ready for the install!  



Our trim is 1/8-inch aluminum, which will withstand time and weather, even in the toughest environments. These aluminum tracks create a professional, upscale look that blends in with the architecture of your home, even up close. Where competitors use 7- to 12-inch spacing for their lights, VELLAMI lights are set 3 inches apart, creating a more dazzling effect.


We know that all professionally installed LED lights offer you lifetime relief from ladder-climbing and roof-scaling. At VELLAMI, we went the extra mile for safety and peace of mind and designed our lights on a 12-volt system. Competitors use a 36-volt system, which has a higher risk of arcing and causing a fire. 

With our 12-volt system, you can rest easy knowing that your home and your family are safe. 

Energy Efficient & Eco-Friendly

Our unique 12-volt system uses less energy than our competitors’ 36-volt systems and far less energy than traditional lighting. We spend a little more time on engineering and installation, to give you peace of mind that you’re taking care of our planet. And if you’ve been hanging traditional holiday lights every year, prepare to be wowed by your electric bill. 

Creative Options

Some competitors offer a pared down, limited app with only a handful of effects to choose from for their lights. Our VELLAMI lights connect with a robust, ever-expanding and improving software program that allows you the ultimate creative expression, while also letting you select from fun, beautiful, gorgeously designed Presets. So you can play and create to your heart’s content, or grab a design Preset (the set it and forget it approach). You choose!

Support Local

VELLAMI parts come from all over, and we engineer your system in Kansas, but the bulk of the price goes to your local installer who lives in your area. We’re no fly-by-night company that rolls into town, installs your system and leaves. Rest assured that the money you spend on VELLAMI lights benefits your neighbors and your local community.  

Are you convinced?

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